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Frequently Asked Questions about IRS Tax Debt

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we are asked regarding IRS back taxes and IRS tax debt in general. If you need more information, or if you need back tax solutions today, please call us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Can you get me a "pennies on the dollar" settlement?
We do not guarantee "pennies on the dollar" settlements, but we will work with you to determine if you meet the requirements for an Offer in Compromise, based on your particular tax debt situation. Contrary to popular belief, an Offer in Compromise is one of the hardest and most time consuming agreements a person can make with the IRS. The program's terms, conditions, and approval is at the IRS' discretion.

I caught a mistake I made when I filed my taxes. The IRS hasn't said anything yet. Should I just let it go?
No! If you caught a mistake that has resulted in a lower tax debt for you, you don't want to miss out on an extra refund! On the other hand, if you caught a mistake that has resulted in a higher tax debt for you, you need to report it ASAP before the IRS catches it and slaps you with penalties and interest. The IRS has 10 years from the time you filed to collect on a tax debt … that's a lot of penalties and interest! Contact us today if you need to submit an amended tax return.

Is it possible to get penalties and interest removed from my outstanding tax debt?
Yes, through a Penalty Abatement. You must show "reasonable cause" in order to qualify, meaning that a factor that was out of your control was the main reason for you not being able to pay your IRS tax debt on time.

Am I required to pay off my IRS tax debt all at once?
No. It's what the IRS prefers, but you do have other options. Through an Installment Agreement, you can pay off your IRS tax debt in affordable monthly payments, just like you pay your credit card.

Is my consultation really free? And what do you mean by "no obligation"?
Yes, your consultation is free. Simply fill out the form below with details about your IRS tax debt, and we'll contact you to discuss your options for tax relief. You are not obligated to use our tax debt relief services when we call you, but we are confident that we'll be able to resolve your IRS tax debt problems for good.

I have years of unfiled returns. Should I file for those years before using your services?
As a full service debt relief company, we provide those services, and are able to file any years you are missing, or amend any returns to ensure you are in full compliance with the IRS before proceeding with resolving your additional tax issues.

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